Promoting sportsmanlike competition, team and individual values, and respect for the rules of play in the great game of ice hockey.

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WYHA to VHL Team Name Cross-Reference
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WYHA Member Updates
WYHA Families: A few basics to remember about the WYHA website. ...

Registration is now open for the 2016-2017 Season .  All players seeking to play on a Welleley Youth Hockey Program travel team next season must complete the on-line registration. Registration and payment of the $300 non-refundable tryout fee ($100 non-refundable tryout fee for Midgets and Girls U19) must be completed one week prior to tryouts in order to attend the 1st skills session.    Late payments are subject to fee of $50.   If you are new to WYHA, please send a copy of your birth certificate to our Registrar, Kara Sullivan 80 Pleasant Street, Wellesley, MA 02482.


Program Session Type Day Date Session Session Session Rink
Squirt Alpha Split Sunday 2/21/16 5:00-5:50P 6:60-6:50P 7:00-7:50P Babson
Birth Years Assigned Time Tuesday 2/23/16 6:30-7:10P 7:10P-7:50P 7:50-8:30P Babson
2006/2007 Assigned Time Friday 2/26/16 6:10-7:00P 7:10-8:00P 8:10-9:00P Babson
PeeWee Alpha Split Saturday 2/27/16 10:15-11:15A 11:30A-12:30P   Dexter
Birth Years Assigned Time Tuesday 3/1/16 6:30-7:20P 7:30-8:20P   Babson
2004/2005 Assigned Time Friday 3/4/16 6:10 - 7:10P 7:20 -8:20P   Babson
Bantam Alpha Split Sunday 2/28/16 7:00-7:50P 8:00-8:50P   Babson
Birth Years Assigned Time Thursday 3/3/16 7:40-8:30P 8:40-9:30P   Babson
2002/2003 Assigned Time Sunday 3/6/16 4:00-4:50P 5:00-5:50P   Babson
Midget U16 All Players Thursday 2/25/16 7:40 - 8:30P     Babson
Birth Years All Players Monday 2/29/16 6:50 -7:50P     Babson
Midget U18 All Players Thursday 2/25/16  8:40 - 9:30P     Babson
Birth Years All Players Monday 2/29/16 8:00 - 8:50P     Babson
Girls U10 All Players Wednesday 4/6/16 4:40-5:30P     Babson
Birth Years              
Girls U12 All Players Tuesday 3/29/16 6:30-7:20P     Babson
Birth Years All Players Tuesday 4/5/16 6:30-7:30P     Babson
Girls U14 All Players Tuesday 3/29/16 7:30-8:30P     Babson
Birth Years All Players Thursday 4/7/16 7:40-8:40P     Babson
Girls U19 All Players Monday 3/28/16 8:00-9:00P     Babson
Birth Years All Players Friday 4/1/16 8:30-9:30P     Babson

by posted 01/27/2016
WYHA to VHL Team Name Cross-Reference


  WYHA Team VHL Team
  Midget A Corscadden  Wellesley Midget 1
  Midget B Oliveri Wellesley Midget 2
  BNA1 Simons             Wellesley Bantam- "AAA"
  BNA2 Choate    Wellesley Bantam- "AA"
  BNB1 Crawshaw        Wellesley Bantam- "A1"
  BNB2 Kelley           Wellesley Bantam- "A2"
  PWA1 Madden      Wellesley Peewee- "AAA"
  PWA2 Taplin  Wellesley Peewee- "AA"
  PWB1 Keenan     Wellesley Peewee- "A1"
  PWB2 Parker  Wellesley Peewee- "A2"
  SQA1 Lynch      Wellesley Squirt- "AAA"
  SQA2 Hamburger    Wellesley Squirt- "AA"
  SQA3 Carpenter  Wellesley Squirt- "A1"
  SQB1 Keresztes        Wellesley Squirt- "A2"
  SQB2 Marten Wellesley Squirt-'A3"
  Mite A1               Wellesley Mite 1
  Mite A2            Wellesley Mite 2

by posted 08/01/2015
WYHA Member Updates

WYHA Families:

A few basics to remember about the WYHA website. 

To update a player or parent personal record with address, email, or telephone information, you can do this from the website homepage.  

From the website homepage, click ‘Edit My Account’ tab from the left vertical menu.  On the next page, you’ll enter your email and password.  (If you have forgotten your password, follow the instructions noted so that the website can email you the password.) The next page will detail all members of your family as well as their current registration program along with an itemization of program fees and payments. 

Click on any family member to update personal data.  Be sure to update all members (spouse and children) as updating one member doesn’t carry over to all family members. 

On this same detailed member page, you can set reminders for games and practices. 

If you need assistance with this process, please contact:

Kara Sullivan,  


by posted 10/30/2012
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