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WYHA to VHL Team Name Cross-Reference


  WYHA Team VHL Team
  Midget A Corscadden  Wellesley Midget 1
  Midget B Oliveri Wellesley Midget 2
  BNA1 Crawshaw            Wellesley Bantam- "AAA"
  BNA2 Madden    Wellesley Bantam- "AA"
  BNB1 Thomas        Wellesley Bantam- "A1"
  BNB2 Kohnen           Wellesley Bantam- "A2"
  PWA1 Stavaridis      Wellesley Peewee- "AAA"
  PWA2 Keenan Wellesley Peewee- "AA"
  PWB1 Parker     Wellesley Peewee- "A1"
  PWB2 Teryazos  Wellesley Peewee- "A2"
  SQA1 Hamburger     Wellesley Squirt- "AAA"
  SQA2 Lynch    Wellesley Squirt- "AA"
  SQA3 Humber  Wellesley Squirt- "A1"
  SQB1 Dunne        Wellesley Squirt- "A2"
  SQB2 Gemski Wellesley Squirt-'A3"
  Mite A1               Wellesley Mite 1
  Mite A2            Wellesley Mite 2

by posted 08/01/2015
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