Promoting sportsmanlike competition, team and individual values, and respect for the rules of play in the great game of ice hockey.

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FALL 2017

The goals of the Wellesley Youth Hockey in-house programs are straightforward.  We are seeking to:
i.               Instill a passion for the game of hockey
ii.              Develop skating and hockey skills
iii.            Have fun

As a Program, WYHA has found that if we can accomplish these three goals through the in-house programs, we have players who want to continue to play hockey because they enjoy the game and the camaraderie it provides.   

The Learn to Play Hockey Program (LTP) is recommended for children who have limited or no skating experience.  The focus of this program is primarily on learning to skate and strengthening skating skills, as well as an introduction to hockey skills.  Children must be 4 ½ by Nov 15th to participate in this program. 

The Mosquito Hockey Program is recommended for children who have been through Learn to Play Hockey or a similar program.  Skating is still a focus, but hockey skill development is emphasized, while beginning to incorporate the rules/game of hockey.  Mosquito players are placed onto teams of approximately 10-15 players each.  The season begins with skill development sessions and during the course of the year controlled scrimmages, with coaches providing on-ice guidance, are added.

If your player registers for the In House Program, WYHA evaluators will make the final placement into either the Learn to Play or Mosquito Programs after the player has attended the initial weeks of the program.    

The Learn to Play and Mosquito Programs will begin on Satruday, October 28, 2017 and ends Feb 25, 2018.  Sessions are held at the Babson Skating Center in Wellesley most  Saturday and Sunday throughout this period, with the exception of some weekends when ice is not available due to the Babson College Hockey schedule or holidays.  The exact schedule varies slightly week to week, but generally the Learn to Play group skates at mid-afternoon Saturdays and midday on Sundays.  Mosquito players skate before or after the Learn to Play program on Saturdays, and midday on Sundays.  Always check the WYHA website schedule for the exact times. Most sessions are 50 minutes in length, but do vary; see the team schedule for exact times.  Players should come to the first weekend (both Saturday and Sunday) sessions based on the following criteria: 

Saturday, October 28, 2017:
2:40pm:  Players with a date of birth 2010 -- 2013 – regardless of ability.
3:40pm: Players with a date of birth 2006 – 2009 – regardless of ability.
Sunday, October 29, 2017:
11:00am:  Players with a date of birth 2006 – 2009 – regardless of ability.

12:00pm:  Players with a date of birth 2010 -- 2013 – regardless of ability. 
Parents will be notified during the week of November 6th on when to show up for the following week’s session, and this process will continue until all players are placed in the appropriate levels.  



Evaluation/Selection Process
Selection into the Learn to Play and Mosquito programs is done through an evaluation process during the first several sessions of the program.  Placement during the first few weeks of the program is for evaluation purposes onlyPlayers will be notified of their placement in the Learn to Play Hockey or Mosquito Program during the evaluation process.  Once the evaluation process is complete, the Learn to Play hockey players will be issued shirts and a schedule for the remainder of the season.  Players in the Mosquito Program will be issued another abbreviated schedule until the teams have been selected.  When teams are established, a final schedule will be available via the individual  ‘team pages’ on the WYHA web site for all the Mosquito teams.

Tuition and Equipment
Tuition for the 2017 - 2018 season is $600 for the Learn to Play and Mosquito programs.  This fee does not include equipment. In order to participate in our program, players are required to wear a hockey helmet, hockey skates and neck guard.  Kneepads, elbow pads and gloves/mittens are recommended.  Learn to Play Hockey players may bring hockey sticks, but please note that if the player is still learning to skate, the stick may impede the learning process. As they become more comfortable skating, a stick may be added at any time. Shirts will be issued to LTP players once assignments are complete.

A “coach’s note” to all players: unless a player is left-handed, they most likely (90%) should play hockey left-handed (right hand on the top of the stick). There is much evidence that allowing a child to pick the side” that is comfortable” can lead them to learning the game “from the wrong side”.  As they get older, the ability to hold the stick at the top, with their dominant hand, is an important skill. The dynamics and physics of hockey usually require the dominant hand on the top of the stick for this one-handed control.

Typically, Mosquito players skate in full equipment for their own safety, as falling and making unintentional contact with other players does occur.   Full equipment includes a hockey helmet, neck guard, shoulder pads, elbow pads, shin pads, hockey pants and hockey skates.  Shirts will be issued to Mosquito players once they are assigned to teams.

All Players should have their names clearly printed with tape on the front of their helmets.
Parents, please dress your players in the locker rooms provided at the rink--do not use the bleachers or benches around the ice rink to put on skates or equipment.  Also, for insurance reasons, parents who are not WYHA registered coaches are not permitted on the ice or on the coaches’ bench. 

Wellesley Youth Hockey exists because of its many volunteers.  Please look for a way to get involved, either on the ice or away from it.  We can use the help!  Any parent interested serving as a coach must complete the coaches application.  Visit the Register Online tab and select ‘coach registration’.  If you would like to assist with off-ice communications, please email the program directors.